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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way to be intensely aware of what you’re thinking, feeling, sensing, doing at any given time without judgment or interpretation.

That sounds pretty easy, but it can be difficult to put in to practice.

Basically, you want to observe without making a judgement. Normally, thoughts going through your head are like conversations in a crowded hallway between classes. A murmur (mumble) and noise with an occasional word. Pay attention to them as the conversations pass by you. These aren’t conversations you have to participate in. You don’t need to have an opinion on them. They are just there.

The same is true for the conversations in your mind. As thoughts pop up and pass by, observe them, label them, and let them go.

The thoughts in your head are passing clouds in the sky, changing shape on the wind. They are leaves on a stream drifting out of sight. They are cars passing through a tunnel at night; the headlights winking out as they disappear out of sight.

You can do the same thing with sensations in the body. Emotions. Activities. Movies. Books. Anything can be experienced mindfully if you give it your full attention in the present.

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