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Take Action, Improve Mood

Sometimes the best thing we can do to improve our mood is… anything.

Just the act of taking action can be enough to flip the script on feeling blue.

Get up. Get off the couch. Get outside. Do something.

Here are five things that you can do right now to improve your mood:

1) Phone a friend. When we are feeling down, we may distance ourselves from others. Add to that we’re practicing social distancing, which can cut us off even more. This kind of isolation can add to a spiral of negative emotions. Even if we don’t have much to say, reaching out to someone can boost our mood.

2) Run an errand. Chores can be a drag, but getting out of the house to buy some milk puts you in motion. Remember: the act of action can sometimes be enough. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are doing something. Go to a store, a gas station, or a restaurant. Go somewhere.

3) Read your favorite children’s book. A quick detour to simpler times can be a welcome distraction that takes your mind out of a negative space. Revisit Dr. Suess, Harry Potter, Where the Wild Things Are, or The Hunger Games to provide a temporary diversion.

4) Be nice to yourself. It may sound cringy, but showing yourself a little care can go a long way. Place your hands over your heart and whisper some sweet nothings to yourself. Seriously, research has shown talking to yourself like a caring and supportive friend can help.

5) Create a plan to manage your stress. Just sitting down and putting together a plan to deal with your stress can be enough to reduce it. Obviously, it is even more helpful if you actually work the plan, but writing out can show immediate benefits. List some positive coping skills (hint: you can start on this site!) meditation, running, sketching, etc. And, list some of the unhealthy activities you can get rid of right away.

Again, start today by doing something.

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