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Path 2 Purpose Partners with #WeWereHere project

Path 2 Purpose is excited to announce that we are partnering with the #WeWereHere project to help teens share their voices and experiences surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. #WeWereHere is a project that aims to create a repository of teen voices in the historic time of 2020. Path 2 Purpose and #WeWereHere wants to listen to teens and young people, so if you have an experience or story you would like to share go to #WeWerehere’s website:

Types of experiences/stories you can share:

1. I am here: Your words, images, and firsthand accounts of 2020

2. I am Helping: Your community projects, tips, and useful information

3. I am Okay: sharing how to stay positive

4. I am Not Okay: And that’s okay, you can vent and be heard

Here are some examples of stories that have been shared:

  • Rachel Mulick shared about her experience sewing handmade masks and distributing them to friends, family, and facilities in need. Rachel says, “it’s been a good way to fill the time I spend at home while also helping out the community.”

  • Samira El-Amin shared her experience about starting a podcast that addresses racism and other important societal issues. If you’re more interested about her podcast, go to #WeWereHere’s website to give a listen!

  • Hannah Robbins shared her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic and what coping skills have been helping her. The coping skills she shared are running and going outside, drawing and writing, and making sure to attend online school.

We want to hear from you!!!

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