• Eve Gottesman

Fun ideas for your (socially distant) Halloweekend Festivities!

Halloween approaches—and we have to play it safe and socially distant this year-- but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate. Check out our list below to get some ideas.

Although this year’s festivities may look different than the past, there are still many ways that we can (virtually) get together with our friends and families to make this Halloween unforgettable.

Not sure what to do this Halloween?

Fear not. We got you covered. Here are some ideas you and your friends/ family might enjoy doing:

· Carving or decorating pumpkins. This is the perfect way to use your creative skills to make a themed pumpkin! If social distancing is possible, this is a fun activity to do with your friends. Take it up a notch with your favorite paint colors to make a crazy pumpkin! (Pro-tip: if you decide to carve the pumpkin, make sure you save the seeds to roast. Super easy and super delicious!)

· Watch your favorite scary movie, dressed as your favorite character. Does your family have a specific movie they love to watch every year? If so, you can each dress as a character from the film and have a costume contest! Everyone will cast a vote, and the winner gets to choose their prize! You can also do this on Zoom with friends.

· Who doesn’t love a nice treat to top off your Halloweekend? If you have a sweet tooth, try baking some spooky treats! Halloween themed treats are the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit while satisfying that sweet tooth we all get around this time of the year. From cookies to rice crispy treats, the options are never-ending!

· Trick- or- treating might be canceled this year, but that does not mean there isn’t something else to do! If you love to trick-or-treat, try creating a scavenger hunt throughout your home with your family. This will give you the chance to hide your favorite candies while searching for more! Want to expand this? Try planting candy around your neighborhood or at a local park! Just make sure you wear your mask and practice social distancing J

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