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Don't just do something! Sit There!

You don’t need meditation to be mindful, but it helps.

Even spending as little as five minutes a day sitting still and “watching” your breath makes it easier to get into a mindful state.

As we’ve mentioned before, mindfulness is as simple as inhaling and exhaling, but it can be a challenge to actually do correctly. Only breathing in and breathing out is as boring as it sounds—at first—but the rewards can change your life.

Set an alarm for 1 minute.

Now breathe out as much as you can. Feel how your body relaxes as all the air moves out of it.

Now let the air flow back into your body. Sense it moving into your lungs.


Watch your thoughts pass. Sense your body. Feel your emotions.

Don’t get pulled into any of them. Just sense that they are there.

When your alarm sounds, you’re done. That first minute will feel like an hour, but soon you will be meditating for a half an hour, and it will pass like a minute.

Tomorrow, set your alarm for 1 minute and 10 seconds. See how you do.

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